Month: April 2019

Woman rowing on water

Top Benefits of Rowing

Rowing, sometimes referred to as crew, is a very popular sport and pastime for many. It involves using oars to propel a boat in water. Aside from pure enjoyment, there are many benefits associated with rowing, and many of these benefits are health-related. Rowing improves cardiovascular fitness, helps you achieve fitness goals, and also allows […]


How to Get Rower-Fit – Part 2

Correct form Before you begin your rowing session, it’s important you know how to use the rowing machine safely and with correct form so that your strokes are both effective and efficient. Too many people are spending the entire day sitting down– whether on the way to, or home from, work, and while at work, […]


How to Get Rower-Fit – Part 1

Think about when you last performed some aerobic exercises in the gym. Well, whenever it was and whatever your purpose- a long and slow session to work on your endurance or a high-intensity workout to burn some body fat- the odds are that you used a treadmill. And if you found that they were all […]