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10 Surprising Facts About Rowing – Part 1

Races always start early Whether practising before school, university lectures, or work, there’s no doubt about it: rowing is for the early riser. If you’re the type of person who enjoys waking up late, you should think about choosing a different sport. All your practice time comes down to just a few short minutes In […]


The History of Rowing on the Thames

The River Thames has enjoyed a special bond with rowing for over 300 years. It was in 1715 when a group of “waterman” (or oarsmen who took passengers along the river) met below London Bridge for what would be the inaugural rowing race to take place in Britain. Close to two centuries later, spectators gathered […]


The History of Rowing

Rowing was first designed as a means of transport, going back to ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Rowing as a sport, as we know it to be today, began in the 17th century when races were organised on London’s Thames River between professional “watermen”. It wasn’t until boat clubs were created at such esteemed universities […]