Germany Wins The Rowing-Eight Of The EM

The events of this year also hit the international rowing scene hard. The athletes were all the more looking forward to the recent European rowing championships in Poland. There the Germany eight set a special kind of record. The flagship of the rowing association in Germany won its eighth title in a row. The athletes prevailed against the boat from Romania in the final in Poznan. The lead was half a boat length. As if that weren’t enough, the Germans also extended their impressive winning streak.

Zeidler Is Running Out Of Strength

That has been going on since the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. So for four years, no one has succeeded in bringing the rowing eight from Germany to his knees in championship fights. That speaks for the class and strength of the athletes from Germany. Third, this time was the boat from the Netherlands. They completed the podium. This time the fans paid particular attention to the newcomer to rowing, Oliver Zeidler. He had only switched from swimming to rowing four years ago. After that, he became not only European champion, but also a world champion. But this time he came away empty-handed. He had to let his rival pass 300 meters from the longed-for goal. Zeidler had won the competition last year, but this year he ran out of strength. He had led for a long time, but in the finish, he ran out of power. He collapsed in the sprint and dropped back to fourth. Sverri Nielsen from Denmark won the gold medal, ahead of Natan Wegrzycki-Szymczyk from Poland and Kjetil Borch from Norway.

The First Big Regatta Of The Year

For many athletes, the European Championship in Poland was the only international regatta that year. After Oliver Zeidler’s disappointing fourth place, the team won two more silver medals on Germany. However, the duo Jonathan Rommelmann and Jason Osborne narrowly missed the win. At the end of the race, the two had to be content with second place behind the boat from Italy. Osborne had also become world champion in the comfortable single in 2018. Then he switched to the Olympic two-man.

The First Big Regatta Of The Year
The First Big Regatta Of The Year

Multiple Silver For Woman

Last year he and his colleague Rommelmann won bronze at the World Championships. The rower is also successful as a cyclist. After the Olympic Games in 2021, he would like to become a professional cycling enthusiast. The women also got two silver medals. Initially, the women’s double scull also landed in second place. This time the winners from the previous year had to give way to the competition. There was a surprise in the women’s eighth from Germany. Nobody expected a silver medal there. But the women showed fighting spirit and were happy about the unexpected success. That marked the end of exciting competition in Poland. The rowing friends could finally look forward to a significant event; the athletes were happy to be yet able to compete with each other again.