How to Get Rower-Fit – Part 2

Correct form

Before you begin your rowing session, it’s important you know how to use the rowing machine safely and with correct form so that your strokes are both effective and efficient. Too many people are spending the entire day sitting down– whether on the way to, or home from, work, and while at work, are hunched over a desk.

This results in switched-off glutes, rounded shoulders, and tight hamstrings. That’s not a great way to start your session. So, ensure that you work on improving your posture, as well as correcting muscular weaknesses and imbalances, and you’ll be ready to start.

The stroke

Each stroke is split into two parts: 1) the drive and 2) the recovery. The former is the part that requires you to put in the effort, while the latter affords you the opportunity to rest and get ready for the next drive in your session.

Begin the drive by pushing down your feet in order to straighten your legs, while ensuring your arms remain straight and that you’re firmly gripping the handle. When you’ve almost fully straightened your legs, drive back your elbows to bend your arms and apply some power to pull the handle towards your chest.

Once the drive part is over, your elbows should be behind you and your torso should be slightly leaning backwards. When you reverse the movement back to the starting position, that’s when the recovery part begins. While reversing the movement, you should slide the seat back towards your heels while keeping your knees bent

Burn fat

This is a superb interval-style, high-intensity session. There’s a five-minute warm-up row at a slower pace. Then you row as fast as you can for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds. You repeat this process for six rounds before taking a three-minute rest. That counts as a single set. You perform three sets in total. The goal is to maintain the intensity so that each time you’re rowing approximately the same distance. If you feel that the three minutes rest is unnecessary, then you didn’t work hard enough.

CrossFit WOD

The CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) session was part of the 2015 CrossFit Open. It’s a thruster and rowing combo, so you’ll need at least 20kg of dumbbells (or a barbell). After you’ve warmed up on the rowing machine, ensure that the display shows calories burned. Then row as quickly and as hard as you can until you’ve burned 27 calories. Then step off the towing machine and do 27 thrusters.

For thrusters, you’ll need to hold the dumbbells by your shoulders (or the bar across the front of your shoulders) then lower yourself into a squat position before applying power when standing upand pressing the weight overhead. Once you’ve done that, reset the rower and burn 21 valorises before doing another 21 thrusters. Then burn 14 calories and perform 15 thrusters. Finally, burn nine more calories and perform nine thrusters.